Use Your Words – How To Beat Blogging Fatigue

You’ve started a blog, built up a following, and it’s starting to drive traffic to your ‘buy’ pages.

Now, your fans have started to ask if they can guest post on your blog.

Wonderful! You can sit back and let other people do all the work while you get back to running your business and coining in the profits from your successful blog. Right?


Your Readers Want You!

There’s nothing more disappointing than a blog that loses its voice.

I’ve seen it happen so many times: a blog that I read religiously starts taking guest posts from up-and-coming bloggers. But I don’t know these bloggers.  I’ve come to trust the opinions and knowledge of the blog’s host, but who are these other people? Usually newbies with less deep knowledge or less experience. Reading their guest posts feels like a waste of my time. I miss the blog’s host.

Can you guess what happens?

I stop reading the blog.

Why Do Bloggers Risk Losing Readers?

Because accepting guest posts is easy. No more content to provide. No more blog deadlines.

But it also means no distinct voice. No more authority. No more rabid fans.

What’s The Solution?

It is tough to find ongoing blog topics, no doubt. But there are ways you can make it easier to write regular blog posts longterm, and keep it fresh.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Brainstorm batches of ideas ahead of time.
  • Keep your posts short
  • Break larger ideas into a series of blog posts
  • Schedule a day a month to binge-write blog posts
  • Use social media to discover what are the current hot-button topics in your niche
  • Use a ghost writer to interview you, capture your voice and produce the finished blog posts
  • Work with a writing coach who can keep you on track and focused

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