Kindle Blog Statistics

Amazon offers subscriptions to blogs within their Kindle platform. Every day when your readers wake up, your new content is waiting on their Kindle. Since the Kindle home screen’s default setting is to show newest content first, you could be the first thing they see every time they look at that home screen. How’s that for visibility?

And there isn’t much competition in your niche yet.

Unlike on the web, blogs must be registered to show up in the Kindle blog listings. Whereas a Google search for “arts & entertainment blog” returns 438,000,000 results, on Kindle, there are just 3, 481 titles.

Top-Level Category Blog Statistics

This is your competition today (Feb 11, 2011)

All Blogs: 11,734 titles

Arts & Entertainment: 3,481 titles

Business & Investing: 2,151 titles

Humor & Satire: 1, 535 titles

Industry Focus: 1,753 titles

Internet & Technology: 2, 963 titles

Lifestyle & Culture: 5,592 titles

News, Politics & Opinion: 2,754 titles

Regional & Travel: 1, 107 titles

Science: 760 titles

Sports: 934 titles

Since Amazon lists these titles by largest subscriber numbers, it would be a very smart idea to register your blog and start promoting it now. This will ensure your place on the first page of results.

Do it now, while the competition is still scarce!