Writing Coaching

Have a big writing project you want to finish?


  • A regular blog you’re finding hard to update?
  • Do you know you could write an inspirational book to support your business, if you could just sit down and do it?
  • Or maybe you’re just sick of starting stories, articles or marketing pieces and never finishing them.

It’s easy to finish projects when your boss is breathing down your neck. It’s not so easy when you’re working by yourself.

Let Me Be Your Writing Boss

Here’s how it works:

  1. We get together via Skype or phone call and talk about your project(s), your aims, your roadblocks, your frustrations and your vision of how you would like things to be.
  2. Using my decades of experience as a writer (business, reporting and creative writing) I will help you map out a plan that will transform your writing from a chore you dread, to a pleasure that enhances your life and career.
  3. Lastly, we set up a three one-to-one coaching calls during which we can assess your progress, reassess your needs based on what you’re learning as you write more, and make sure you’re hitting your goals. Think of these as both your accountability sessions and your regular training sessions.

Examples of things we might work on:

  • Making time in your schedule for your writing.
  • Creating quick-start techniques customized just for you, to get you past the problem of the blank page/blinking cursor, faster.
  • Setting priorities among the many projects you want to work on.
  • Creative idea generation to help with new and existing projects.
  • Structural analysis of your written piece.
  • Accountability (I can be your nagging reminder service, or the person who is expecting 500 words by tomorrow morning if that’s what you need).
  • Ghost-writing – interviewing you to capture your thoughts and your voice, then writing engaging blog posts with irresistible headlines and tweet-able summaries.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Are you:

  • In crisis mode and need emergency help with a stalled project?
  • Looking for longer-term coaching to help you develop healthy writing habits?

Packages start at $197 and begin with a 20 minute free consulting call. Contact me today.

Also available: Blog Capture Services (We brainstorm, you talk, I transcribe, shape and edit multiple blog posts at once) from $247; Blog Creation Service (We brainstorm, I research, write and edit multiple blog posts) from $997.

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