Publish Your Blog On Kindle

You’ve launched your blog and you’ve started to write for it. Maybe you’ve attracted some traffic, but the world is a noisy place and how can you make sure that people remember to come back and read your content?

I’m going to share with you one bullet-proof way to ensure that your content appears in your readers’ hands every time you update your blog.

And if you don’t like the technical side, I’ll even do it for you.

Publish your blog to Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Amazon isn’t talking sales figures but industry experts estimate that over 8 million Kindles have been sold, and Kindle content is also available in smart-phone apps and desktop apps. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Rise Above The Crowd

Amazon’s blogs are still a relatively uncrowded corner of the digital world.

  • There are only 2,144 titles in the “Business and Investing” category
  • A Google search returns 95,300,000 results for the same category

The simple reason for this is: A lot of blog publishers haven’t discovered them yet. But readers have.

Your blog’s visibility on Kindle is much, much higher than in the rough and tumble world of the web, with its SEO tricks and complex linking algorithms and all the other search boosting tactics that you could spend your whole life keeping up with (and some of your competitors are).

Create Authority By Showing Up

Unlike in real life, familiarity on the digital age breeds comfort, trust and authority. If your content shows up in front of someone regularly (assuming it is great content. It is, right?), they will become familiar with you, begin to trust you, and seek you out for your opinion.

But how do you make sure they are reading your content regularly?

Remember when the paper boy used to cycle down your street, whistling, and cheerfully throw a paper onto your front porch? No? Neither do I, but the movies tell me it used to happen.

Now picture Amazon as the cheerful paperboy, delivering your blog content right to people’s Kindle home page every day.

Whenever you update your content it updated it appears on the front page of the every subscriber’s Kindle’s home screen. [1. assuming the reader sorts their content by the default setting which is ‘most recent content first’ and most people do] Every time they turn to their Contents page, there you are.

How’s that for visibility?

Monetizing Your Blog

If you’re looking for a way to get a little income from your blog, Amazon’s Kindle blog subscriptions can help.

Each subscription is paid for — between $0.99 and $1.99 usually. Amazon determines the price and you receive 30% of the price.

That’s not going to make your rich overnight, but it is a steady stream of passive income for content you are already writing.

More importantly, if you have products or services to sell, your Kindle readers are pre-qualified: they have already show you they are willing to buy your information. Promoting your product to a customer who has already bought from you, is an ideal marketing strategy.

Let JDWrite Publish Your Blog for Kindle

You are certainly smart and good-looking enough to do this yourself. It’s not hard. But,

  • If you’re busy running your business and don’t want to deal with learning about another technical process that you’ll do once and never need to know again, let me help.
  • If you are too busy to gather screenshots and do keyword research, and fiddle about with links and graphics, I can help.

I’m launching my Kindle Blog Registration product on Feb 14, 2011, when it will be priced at $97.

But, until Feb 13, 2011 you can sign up for the pre-launch discount price of $47. After Feb 13, this price will disappear forever.

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(Amazon generally prices blogs at $1.99. At that price you would need only 12 subscribers to stay with you for two months to make this a ‘free’ service!)

Ready To Get Started?

What you do:

  • Set up an Amazon vendor account. Agree to the terms.
  • Tell me the URL of your blog & how often you update it.
  • Approve the final listing.

What I Do:

  • Add your blog to the database
  • Find your RSS feed
  • Write a blog description if you don’t have one
  • Create and upload a screenshot of your blog
  • Capture and upload your masthead image
  • Link the blog to your website
  • Assign the blog to a category/sub categories (you will advise me on this)
  • Research and provide keyword information for your blog
  • Generate a preview for you to approve.


  • Create a link to your blog’s sales page on Amazon.
  • Create a screenshot of your blog in the Amazon store
  • Provide a 16×16 Kindle icon (like those little squareTwitter/Facebook/RSS icons) for quick-links from your sidebar or header.
  • Create 3 Twitter-length announcements for you to use, promoting your new Kindle blog (can be used in Facebook and other social media)

Wouldn’t you love to see your blog listed in the Amazon storefront, like this?

StoryADay Blog in Amazon's Storefront screenshot

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Sign up today, and that could be your blog, in less than 72 hours!

P.S. Every day, more blog publishers are discovering this avenue to reach their readers and the blog store gets more crowded. Start building your audience now and climb up through the Amazon rankings.

P.P.S. Don’t forget: the $50 discount only lasts until Feb 13, 2011.