When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get Talking

Now is the time to reach out to your customers.

With uncertainties in the economy do you know where your customers are?

Are they sitting on buying decision? Are they waiting for someone, something to give them confidence?

That someone should be you, and it should be now.

Yes the stock market is down but your customers (most of them) are still doing business and still trying to figure out how to make money. You believe you can help them (or you should), so you need to reach out now, before someone else does.

Show them that:

  • Doing business with you can move their business forward even (especially!) in tough times,
  • Your product or service is amazing value for money,
  • There’s an incentive to buy now (Can you add on a service? Offer a limited-time bulk discount?)

Don’t waste time worrying. Think of a way you can reach out to your jittery customers today, craft a message and send it out.

You can reach your customer by phone, by email, by blog, Twitter or direct mail, but you’d better know what you’re going to say when you do. When you have decided what you business’s offer will be, contact JDWrite, to have a professional writer spend time crafting your message while you get back to business.