The Best Investment You’ll Make This Year

Watch me rave about Mike Stelzner and his awesome roster of guests at this year’s Social Media Success Summit


You have to invest in yourself. Never mind the new phone, the new computer. None of these things will pay you back like developing your own business skills by taking some awesome training from genuine experts.

I can’t speak highly enough about Michael Stelzner’s online conferences. This year’s is called the Social Media Success Summit 2011. No travel required, all online.

Sign up by Thursday, April 14, 2011 (that’s today!) to save 50% on the registration fee.

Even if you miss the discount though, the training will still be great value for money.

And to prove that I believe in it, while that link up there is an affiliate link (meaning I get a kick-back if you sign up), here’s one that isn’t.

Because I really am a fan and think you’ll get a lot out of the Social Media Success Summit.