The Continuing Importance of Email Marketing

Email Tips: Send messages others would like to receive

Email marketing isn’t what the cool Online Marketing kids are talking about these days.

With them, it’s all Vine-this and Instagram-that and Social-Media-the-next-thing.

And social media can be great for getting the word out about you, your product or your business. It can expand your reach, as people tell their friends and friends-of-friends about the cool stuff you’re doing.

But some things never change: to succeed, long-term, you must create a personal relationship with prospective and current customers. No amount of Re-Tweets is going to do that.

How Do You Form A Lasting Relationship?

As any marriage counsellor will tell you: it’s all about communication and trust.

Online, there is nothing like building your own email list for building communication and trust. And for marketing.

Posting on a social networking site is like turning up at someone else’s party. You can only talk to the people who choose to turn up that day. If someone drops off the network you’ve lost them forever.

Sending a message to an email list (your list. The one people have opted in to. The  one you control) is like being invited into someone’s house. You ring the doorbell. They invite you in. You know where they live and can leave a message if they are out.

Thinking of Building A List But Not Sure Where To Start?

Contact me for information about:

  • How to entice people to join your list
  • Which email list software to use
  • The best time to email your list
  • How to make money using email marketing

Why would you put all your best leads in Facebook’s ever-changing hands?!

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