Down Is Up III – Every Action…

…Has an equal and opposite reaction.

It’s true in physics, and OK it’s slightly less true in business but bear with me.

In every downturn there are opportunities for those who are willing to look for them.

Today I noticed a local furniture store that was going out of business after 81 years. It’s sad and awful for the people involved, and you and I could spend a lot of time wallowing in an analysis of the terrible direction the economy is taking.

Or we could think: who can benefit from this?

It seem to me that even in the death of a furniture store there is opportunity.

Opportunity for:

  • The owners of a furniture removal company, who can get a couple of trucks down to the store on Saturday morning and offer good deals to people who are scooping up floor samples and trying to balance couches on the back of their pick-up trucks in the rain.
  • The owners of a van rental company, who can make quick, short-term rentals from the parking lot.
  • A local interior designer who can offer a tip-sheet on how to make the new furniture work, or who can sell a booklet about design matters, or who can hand out coupons for discounts on her services.

What is going on around you and are you flexible enough to make it work for you?