Down Is Up, Part II – Do You Have What Others Need?

Food prices are rising because supplies are down and demand is up. A recent National Geographic Magazine article focussed on preservation of healthy soil as one of the solutions.

This might be good news for some businesses, if they can think and market themselves creatively.

Heavy machinery compacts the earth, so manufacturers who make huge, wide tires for the machines should see their products rise in demand.
Farmers use GPS technology to pinpoint where they should drive, to minimize damage to soil. Savvy GPS equipment and software firms, who pay attention to their customer’s needs, will be doing well, even if the overall economy is down.

Dirt as a growth industry? Did you see that coming? In every downturn there are segments of the economy that are still growing.

Has the changing economy created new customers for you? Probably.

How will you tell those potential customers that they need you? In a trade magazine article? In press releases? By running a special promotion or contest to raise your visibility? By direct mail?