How To Create Great Customer Reviews

What’s more likely to tip you over from browser to buyer:

  • a detailed list of features and benefits


  • an enthusiastic recommendation by someone just like you?

Consumers are pretty savvy these days, having been bombarded with advertising since they were babies. They are skeptical of your claims about your product. They know your job is to sell it to them.

How Do You Make Your Decision To Buy?

Most people will ask around for recommendations (if you’ve ever hung out with a group of new mothers, you know what I’m talking about).

The best thing you can do for your product or service is to show your customer how it has helped other people just like them.

Get Your Customers on Camera Photo by <a href=

Have your happiest customers talk directly to prospects by interviewing them.

It doesn’t take much time or money yet is incredibly powerful.

Here’s how:

  • Get a cheap and easy-to-use video camera like the Flip UltraHD Camcorder (mash the big red button to start recording, mash it again to stop, plug into the USB port of your computer, copy to your computer using the super-easy included software, click ‘upload’ to send it to YouTube)
  • Identify your happiest customer, ones who will rave unashamedly about what you’ve done for them.
  • Take them out for dinner, a drink, a walk in the park or invite them in to your office.
  • Ask them some warm up questions to get them used to the camera (you don’t even have to turn it on for this).
  • Then ask them to talk for about 2 minutes on what your product or service has done for them and why they’d recommend it.

Technicalities of Recording a Video

  • Keep it short (people will watch 2 minutes but not 10)
  • Keep the camera at eye level
  • Focus on their face
  • Try to have good lighting on their face (bring a lamp if you need to)
  • Sit next to the camera so they’re looking at you while they’re talking.
  • And keep it short (did I mention that?)

It’s amazing how powerful an amateur video of a happy customer can be, posted on your ‘reviews’ or ‘testimonials’ page. Try it and let me know how it works out.