Build Your List

Want to build a huge list of pre-qualified prospects? Take  tip from the President-Elect.

In trying to figure out how Barak Obama won the election, the pundits agree that his organization was great a using new media to keep in touch with and build their base.

So how exactly did they get people to sign up?

One brilliant example came before Obama announced his pick for his running mate. The campaign gave people the chance to be the first to know who he had picked by signing up for text messages or an email — no more waiting around for traditional news outlets to tell them the news. All you had to do was give the campaign a way to contact you and you could get a jump on even the media in-crowd. Who wouldn’t love that?

Of course, this meant you were added to their database, but people didn’t seem to care because, pay attention now, they were getting something they valued in return.

Is there something you can offer your potential clients in exchange for their contact info?

Can you offer them a “buy one, get one 50% off” deal on their first purchase? Can you give them a free, exclusive, special report (or ‘white paper’) when they sign up for your newsletter? Can you give them something that will provide real value for them in exchange for their permission to keep in touch?

Create value, create releationships, create business.