Among Julie’s many strengths is the ability to quickly understand a complex idea, synthesize it into a clear story… and then tell that story to the world!

-Christopher B. Kelly, President and CEO, Galaxy Diagnostics Inc.

“Julie has a way with words. She is excellent in understanding your business and then ensuring that your messaging (Marketing / Sales / Operations / Websites) are all consistently presenting the message you are seeking to relay. She works well with different management layers and reliable to provide results..”
– Jeffrey L. Powers, Vice President, Customer Service and Billing, InGrid Inc.

Julie is very easy to work with, and she always created a quality product that our customers loved.
James Stevens, Marketing Communications Manager, Xlibris Corp.

Praise for Julie Duffy’s “21st Century Publishing” ebook and website

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your articles about print-on-demand publishing! They are concise, complete, unbiased and easy to understand.
– Pat Browning, Hanford, California.

…balanced information about POD is rare online (which is why I linked to your excellent series of articles)…
Victoria Strauss, Editor, Writer Beware, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

What A Terrific Discovery! I discovered you a few days ago … visited your site, subscribed to your letter, and have been completely delighted ever since. I just wanted you to know that your observations and analyses are right on target, as I see it, and I intend to rely on you for input and stimulation henceforth as I bravely push forward into the wonderful world of Internet publishing.
– Paul McNeese, Optimum Performance Associates

I appreciated your direct approach and candidness when speaking about this relatively new industry.

Julie has made a commitment to informing writers of their options and answering questions regarding the many obstacles we face when launching our own works. Her endeavors have created a website that is not only user friendly, but an important tool every writer should often refer to…
…There is much more to explore in her pages, including a section entitled, RECENT AUTHORS’ QUESTIONS where she responds with candid and insightful encouragement.
– Promotional Blurb for Chat event at FearOfWriting

What a well written piece in such understandable language.
– Hance Persad, Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean

If anyone knows her stuff about self-publishing, it is you – a genuine pioneer in the genre.
– Sidney Allinson, Print On-Demand author, Jeremy Kane, Krueger’s Gold

I’ve just gone through your POD articles and have found them very useful.
– Dorice Nelson, author, The Gunns of Killearnan

Thanks for the education on PODs.
– Dave Kaiser, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia